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With a team that includes Culinary Institute of America (“CIA”) trained chefs and a wealth of experience in reliably delivering high quality meals, AMI is trusted by the airlines around the world to feed their most important customers.  Providing meals for the travel industry is among the most complex and challenging culinary tasks.  Space is limited, the demand and flight times fluctuate and the ultimate consumer is often already tired and stressed.  And yet, a good meal or tasty snack can put the traveler at ease and make the journey enjoyable.   In 2019, AMI was part of that journey for more than 50 million travelers and in 2020 we began expanding to other industries.   

High-quality inflight meal provided by AMI Group for airline passengers

AMI’s supplier partnerships, global buying power, and operational expertise allows us to create solutions that are cost effective while assuring the critical element of taste is never overlooked.  We are constantly sourcing new products and ingredients that will help create an enjoyable meal.   

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