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AMI Group’s roots date to 1982, when French company Group Danone sent Thierry Leduc, a native of France, to the United States to increase the company’s Evian water sales. Leduc’s efforts were successful in building Evian’s United States sales, enabling him to negotiate the rights to sell Evian to the travel industry. Thierry Leduc established AMI Inflight in 1989.

Initial success with American Airlines led to sales to cruise lines, and Leduc established AMI Duty Free.  The success of Evian within the travel industry led Leduc to expand AMI’s line to other products, including Dannon yogurt.

In 1995, Denise Poole, then director of food and beverage at Delta Air Lines, joined AMI Inflight, allowing Leduc to focus on expansion. He started several other companies under the AMI Group umbrella.  Poole, CEO of AMI Inflight, headed up product portfolio growth, and increased the company’s skilled and energetic sales team. She also established AMI Wines, a natural and opportunistic addition.

As sales and operations soared, it became clear that AMI Group needed someone to oversee the growth and scope of all of the companies. That person was Etienne Siouffi, who joined AMI in 1998 as CEO of AMI Group.  Formerly with Group Danone, he has led growth in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean.

Today, AMI Group is a team of highly talented and dedicated people serving customers across the globe. With offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Dublin, Barcelona and Dubai and relationships with over a hundred brands, we provide the innovative solutions our clients need during this extraordinary time. 

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