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The world is confronted with an unprecedented crisis and our industry is faced with one of the most severe challenge of its existence. As events have unfolded quickly during the past weeks, we have been working with all our stakeholders to address the immediate operational challenges and to prepare for the next evolution of our industry.

Our first priority was protecting the health of our team members. On March 15th, 2020 we implemented a worldwide work from home policy while maintaining the vital function of our headquarter office in Los Angeles with a skeleton crew. All our staff worldwide is continuing their mission with full access to all our systems, mail and phone.

Early in the crisis, we began helping our clients prepare for the huge drop in demand by addressing critical supply chain issues. We also began focusing on innovations that the travel industry will need as it emerges from the crisis.  Our culinary and design teams are working on new products and new packaging specifically tailored for the post-pandemic world. We are rethinking all aspects of the travel experience and finding new ways for our clients to deliver an exceptional experience to travelers.

We also rapidly began working to find new markets for products that had been destined for the travel industry.   In many cases, those new markets opened because demand shifted as result of the crisis.

We want to thank our partners, clients, suppliers and employees for their extraordinary support during these challenging times.   We are also immensely grateful for all those working on the front lines to contain this pandemic.  Their commitment is an example for us all and will not be forgotten.


AMI Group is a global solutions provider to the travel industry for their food and beverage offerings with offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Dublin, Barcelona and Dubai. Along with access to a unique and diversified portfolio of products, sourced from more than 200 suppliers, AMI designs and produces custom products and packaging and provides logistic support to meet their clients’ unique needs. 


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