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AMI Group is excited to introduce Matthew Farrell as the new Vice President, Culinary Innovation and Development. With over 15 years of experience spanning across the restaurant, airline catering, and food manufacturing industries, Matt is set to bring a fresh perspective and a wealth of culinary expertise to the AMI team.

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America – Greystone and holding a Food Science degree from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Matt merges New American cuisine and French techniques in his unique culinary style. His experience at Michelin-starred establishments, such as The Inn at Little Washington, heavily influences his approach. Known for his innovative elevation of traditional dishes, Matt incorporates novel ingredients, diverse culinary techniques, and global cuisine insights. Recognized on platforms like CNN’s Great Big Story and National Geographic Channel’s Made in a Day series, he aspires to help enhance the in-flight meals experience through his new role at AMI Group.

Working closely with the sales and supplier teams, Matt aims to identify strategic growth areas. His customer-centric mindset, coupled with extensive experience in airline menu design and food manufacturing fully aligns with AMI's mission and strategy, and we expect Matt to be a driving force in our continued success.

Matt will keep a keen eye on the evolving culinary landscape. “I am constantly looking at trends everywhere; on social media, in major cities at bakeries and restaurants, in predictive data reports, and on my frequent global travels.” He aims to transform these trends into large-scale food manufacturing that will shine at 30,000 feet. His vision is to continue updating classic American cuisine, incorporating what’s new with what’s familiar to make delicious and irresistible dishes.

"Matthew’s distinctive blend of culinary innovation, industry leadership, and deep experience make him a valuable addition to our AMI Group team," states Jeremy Parsons, CEO of AMI Inflight. "His aptitude for adopting our customer-focused strategies, coupled with his enthusiasm to overcome the unique challenges in our field, will play a crucial role in driving our ongoing expansion and success."


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