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AMI Group Announces VP Staffing Updates

AMI Group is excited to announce two exciting changes to our team as our industry and customer requirements continue to evolve.

With food safety and quality requirements becoming more robust, AMI Group will be putting more emphasis on Quality, Food Safety, and Compliance with our suppliers. It is absolutely mission critical we have the focus and knowledge to maintain our stellar reputation with our airline customers, and as a result, Andrea Pratt will lead our newly created team as the Vice President, Quality and Compliance for both our food and wine manufacturing partners. Andrea has been with AMI Group since 2009, where she has been our commercial lead for the American Airlines account, Director of Product Development, and most recently Vice President of Commercial Relief and Sourcing.

To ensure we continue our success within our food sourcing team, Chef Matt Farrell will expand his area of responsibilities to include food sourcing and product development. Food sourcing is an integral part of our client experience as it allows us to continue developing new and exciting products in collaboration with existing manufacturing partners, while adding new suppliers. Chef Matt joined in 2023 as our newly created Vice President, Culinary Innovation and Development and is currently in progress of hiring a new Director of Food Sourcing to join the team.

Andrea and Chef Matt look forward to partnering with our fantastic portfolio of suppliers as we move into 2024.


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