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Due to the special nature of these values we felt they would be best conveyed by an artist. Gildas Coudrais, a contemporary painter living in Germany was hired to express our message with his unique talent. Coudrais’s work of art perfectly translates the human emotions behind our core values.

Ami core Values Gildas Coudrais-Artist (

At the onset of the covid crisis our whole industry halted for several months, then over the following two years our business remained uniquely distressed.  During this period it became evident that we may have forgotten a value, having first established the company's core values 15 years prior, that we found ourselves time and time again depending on and exhibiting in our actions day-to-day.  Indeed, as we watched the entire team fight to mitigate the crisis for all our stakeholders, pivot in to a new market in less than a month, and ramp up a brand new business in less than two, we decided to add a 10th core value: resilience

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