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Despite the terrible crisis that the travel industry has been encountering with the COVID pandemic, AMI is emerging as a stronger company with our entire team intact. We are now working intensely with our customers and suppliers to prepare for the full restart of our industry and are poised and ready as airlines and cruise lines begin their return to normal operations.

While continuing to support our travel industry base, helping them dispose of their inventory of finished goods, we did not stand idle during the crisis. Instead, we leveraged our sourcing and expanded co-packing competencies to develop new solutions and offerings that helped various states and agencies provide cost-effective food to millions of food insecure Americans. By connecting our suppliers’ stock of frozen ready meals and individually wrapped snack items, along with our newly developed co-packed shelf stable pantry boxes and meal boxes, AMI supported the missions of numerous non-profits and government entities. The success of these programs resulted in the creation of a permanent division of AMI known as ARI (AMI Relief Initiative). ARI will continue to work with agencies fighting food insecurity far beyond the pandemic, while broadening that scope to support their other missions such as disaster response and shelter feeding.

Also, we have added alongside our portfolio of great wines from around the world, a large and diversified offering of RTD Cocktails that we have launched in all our markets. As consumer taste evolve and new trends emerge, we are continuously watching closely for new offerings and products to make sure we provide our customers with the most relevant products for their needs.

Concurrently, we remain focused on our broader strategy to drive expanded value for our airline customers by combining our brokerage and co-packing capabilities to deliver turnkey product solutions and program management offerings. This strategy started in 2015 and sought to extend our long-standing reputation as a leading airline broker while growing our portfolio of offerings to include packaged product solutions and co-packing services. After being an important practice for AMI during the pandemic, this activity is now fully established. To effectively accomplish our strategy, it is vital to have the proper management structure in place. To that end, we have promoted Andrea Pratt to Vice-President Commercial Relief and Sourcing, Jeremy Parsons to Vice-President Commercial Airlines, and George Horvat to Vice-President Innovative Solutions, all reporting to the AMI Board.

Hopefully the worst is behind us and we look forward to continue serving all our stakeholders with the same passion, intensity and integrity as we have done since our inception, now just over 30 years ago.


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