AMI’s first brand partnership was with Evian and from that start 30 years ago we have grown our beverage offerings to include a broad selection of wines, juices, cocktail mixes and bottled water.


Our wine portfolio is a diverse mix of wines from old and new world appellations that include exciting emerging regions.  In addition to providing established wines, we partner directly with wineries in both the new and old world to create custom wines for our clients.

Our role goes beyond simply sourcing wine, we also work to keep our customers ahead of emerging trends.  We partnered with a high-quality artisan craft cocktail company to produce a special blend that makes a cocktail at 30,000 feet that rivals anything served in the trendiest Manhattan nightclub.  We also spotted the move to ready-to-drink canned cocktails early on and now represent the flagship brand in that category.  


Finally our team has mastered the intricacies of global distribution and wine sourcing, offering our customers a complete solution.


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